A Windows stock tracking program to retrieve "Snap Shot" pricing of Market Securities. I needed a convenient single
place to track stocks I held (or was interested in holding) across multiple accounts. As other programs and web sites have
changed or became obsolete, I decided to write my own to reflect the basic info I was interested in.

This is not a trading platform. It is only designed to retrieve (mostly delayed) "Snap Shot" pricing for the list of securities
reflected in the current active portfolio. Most accounts have their own platform to track and trade in real time, and you can
use other web sites like Yahoo Finance for further analysis. This is for quickly identifying stocks that may need a closer look.

This Program is FREE for any use. It's continued operation is not guaranteed as the data feed availabilitly changes. I may
or may not update it in the future. It is free to use "as is" in any fashion you like.
Download/Run MarketQuote Setup - Version 1.1.1

This version uses Free market data through Free API Keys you provided from:
BarChart OnDemand and Alpha Vantage
MarketQuote Screen